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Size guide 

Home dessert size | party dessert size | wedding size coffee portion

1)Home dessert size (2''x2''x4'')

almost equivalent to size of mini can of coke

Recommendation: small size gathering, cake or food lover who would like to get a relatively bigger size cake or use as a show piece. 


2) Party dessert size  (1''x2''x4'') 

almost equivalent to 1/2 size of mini can coke 

Recommendation: medium size gathering like baby's 100 days celebration or 1st bday celebration etc....


3) Wedding size coffee portion (1''x1''x4'')

almost equivalent to size of yakult 

Recommendation: large size gathering like wedding, or for people who are on diet so everyone can just have a tiny bite. 


  • 5''x4'' feed 3~4ppl |7ppl |15ppl
  • 6''x4'' feed 7~9 ppl | 15ppl | 30ppl
  • 6''x6'' feed 13~15 ppl | 28ppl | 56ppl
  • 8''x4'' feed 13~15ppl | 28ppl | 56ppl
  • 8''x6'' feed 19~21ppl | 40ppl | 80ppl
  • 10'' (10''x4'') 20~22ppl | 44ppl | 88ppl

*Please select flavour  and fill in custom text below, also note all coloured coating needs to be vanilla flavour.

* you may choose to do in other colours 

Classic Butterfly Cake

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