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Chocolate mud cake frosted with Oreo buttercream, dripped with dark chocolate ganache, swirls of more vanilla buttercream, topped with a whole Oreo between each swirl.


Self-raising flour, coffee powder, caster sugar, cocoa powderbaking powder, baking soda, salt, butter, milk, eggs, icing sugar, vanilla extract, Oreos, dark chocolate, cream .


Width – 6 inches (approx. 15cm) or 8 inches (approx. 20cm)
Height – 4'' approx. 10cm or 7'' approx 17cm


6''x4'' height 5-10ppl

6''x7'' height 15-20ppl 

8''x4''height 13-18ppl

8''x7'' height  22-27ppl 

However sizes also vary according to portion size, so it's a reference 



please give us at least 2 days notice 

Oreo chocolate cake

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