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This lovely topper could give highlights  to your party cake

size is availble for 6'' and able to change colour and style of cloth



Please note

Each Cake Topper is handmade out of fondant or gumpaste. The toppers contain structural supports like toothpicks and wire, to prevent breakages and to easily secure them to the cake. The structural supports make them inedible but the sugar paste and paint are completely edible making them safe to put on top of your cakes as no nasty chemicals will absorb into the cake.


Please keep toppers and picks away from small children as they may be choking hazards.

PLEASE ALLOW 14 BUSINESS DAYS FOR PRODUCTION OF THIS ITEM (to make and dry the topper)  No "rush" order


Each item is hand made and as such no two are ever the same. There may be small inconsistencies in the shape and colourings, or "makers marks" from this item being made by hand. Same with the colour, not all screens display colors in exactly the same way therefore some colours may vary slightly.


Sugar figurine can lasts long for years, however it needs to be stored correctly. Away from direct light, heat and moisture.

Do not keep it in the fridge, as sugar will sweat once you take it out.

Grizzy & the Lemmings

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