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Size guide (dessert portions- party serves):

6''x 3'' feed 5~6 ppl (10ppl)

6''x5'' feed 10~12 ppl (18ppl)

8''x3'' feed 10~12ppl (19ppl)

8''x5'' feed16~18 ppl (32ppl)

10''x3'' feed 15~ 17ppl (30ppl )

6''x3'' +8''x 3'' feed 15 ~17ppl (30ppl )





What's included:

  • Choice of 5 sky colour 
  • Moon, stars and cloud or forest
  • Writing or no (max. 20 alphabets on 5''/6'', 25 alphabets on 8''/10'')


Please note: 

Please select all options to work out the price (price calculator does not work if you only select half option)


All design is unique because such things like the angle, the amount we put on are all slightly different, so there won't be excatly the same design.



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