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Naked cakes are perfect for weddings or any special occasions, and it's beautiful to add flowers, fruits etc on cakes...

However flowers and fruits are seasonal, types and costs can vary.  If you 

request extra deco, we will send you another quote on deco part. If not, please write no under Text field.

Please note all naked cakes are slightly different as the exposure of cake can vary according to the amount of buttercream we put on, cake position we placed or etc.. 


Size guide 

Home dessert size | party dessert size | wedding size coffee portion

1)Home dessert size (2''x2''x4'')

almost equivalent to size of mini can of coke

Recommendation: small size gathering, cake or food lover who would like to get a relatively bigger size cake or use as a show piece. 


2) Party dessert size  (1''x2''x4'') 

almost equivalent to 1/2 size of mini can coke 

Recommendation: medium size gathering like baby's 100 days celebration or 1st bday celebration etc....


3) Wedding size coffee portion (1''x1''x4'')

almost equivalent to size of yakult 

Recommendation: large size gathering like wedding, or for people who are on diet so everyone can just have a tiny bite. 


  • 6''x 3'' feed 5~6 ppl | 10ppl | 20ppl
  • 6''x4'' feed 7~9 ppl | 15ppl | 30ppl
  • 6''x5'' feed 10~12 ppl | 20ppl | 40ppl
  • 6''x6'' feed 13~15 ppl | 28ppl | 56ppl
  • 8''x3'' feed 10~12ppl | 22ppl | 44ppl
  • 8''x4'' feed 13~15ppl | 28ppl | 56ppl
  • 8''x5'' feed16~18 ppl | 32ppl | 64ppl
  • 8''x6'' feed 19~21ppl | 40ppl | 80ppl
  • 6''x3'' +8''x 3'' feed 15 ~17ppl | 30ppl | 60ppl
  • 6''x4''+8''x4'' feed 20~23ppl | 44ppl| 88ppl
  • 6''x5''+8''x5'' feed 25~27ppl | 52ppl| 104ppl


Please note: 

Please select all options to work out the price (price calculator does not work if you only select half option)


All design is unique because such things like the angle, the amount we put on are all slightly different, so there won't be excatly the same design.


Please be aware,  the guidance above is only used as a reference since everyone has a different eating portion. It is a standard reference for home portion, volume here is calculated as 2''x2''x4'' rectangular prism. You may serve for more people if you cut in smaller portions.


If you would like to add a figurine, you can click topper on home page or send us an email for specific request on certain design


Naked Base

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