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⚠️  3 days notice required 

Please upload image in part 1 or send image through

4 sizes availble for jersey  shape


A rough size idea for each (standard portion| party portion)

8'' by 3'' high for 7ppl   | 15 ppl

8'' by 4'' high for 12ppl l 23 ppl 

8'' by 5'' high for 15ppl | 30ppl

8'' by 6'' high for 17ppl | 35ppl


Option of flavour: 

1. Vanilla buttercream with vanilla butter cake (buttery and rich)

2. Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing 

3 .Chocolate buttercream with chocolate cake

4. Vanilla buttercream with vanilla chiffon cake (fluffy and light)

* Coating has to be vanilla buttercream (you may choose a colour for coating and piping)




Jersey Image

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