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The MOST VALUED custom cake as you can D.I.Y your own dream cake with NO waiting time!!


🦄️ Theme suggestion:

1. Character of your favourite

2. Favourite person e.g. idol, actor/actress or the birthday star

3. Special occation e.g. Graduation, Office party

4. Letter or writing of your own design

Cake is topped with wafer printed image (100% edible) and a layer of fondant. Neat shell piping around the edge of the cake in your preferred colour.



🦄️  1 day notice required (before 12pm)

Please upload image and fill details in part 1 or send us by txt 0452070127 with your name

we will reply you within a day and address you to the payment options in part 2 


Size guide (dessert portions- party serves):

6''x3''-4~6ppl (10ppl)

6''x4''- 7~10ppl (14ppl)

8''x3''- 11~13ppl(19ppl)

8''x4'' - 14~16ppl(26ppl)

8''x5'' - 17~20 ppl(32ppl)

8''x6''- 20~23ppl (39ppl)

8''x7''- 23~25ppl (45ppl )


🦄️ Option of flavour: 

1. Vanilla buttercream with vanilla butter cake (buttery and rich)

2. Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing 

3.Chocolate buttercream with chocolate cake

4. Vanilla buttercream with vanilla chiffon cake (fluffy and light)

5.Oreo buttercream with chocolate 

* Coloured coating has to be vanilla buttercream (you may choose a colour for coating and piping)




Classic Edible Image Round

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