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⚠️ Please note that we require at least 2 days' notice for orders (excluding Mondays). Additionally, it's not feasible to accommodate complicated designs on small bento cakes. We recommend referring to the sample designs or confirming with us beforehand.


Before proceeding with your order, please upload your image in Part 1. We will confirm whether the design can be executed on the bento cake. Otherwise, we will issue a refund citing "Non-compliant Pattern Design."


The bento cake measures 4'' by 2'' and serves 1-2 people. It's perfect as a sweet treat after a meal or for a small home ceremony.


Flavor options include:

  • Cake Base: Vanilla chiffon cake
  • Filling & Coating: Vanilla buttercream




Custom Drawing Bento

  • Change or cancellation of order

    Please note we are unable to change or cancel your custom order 

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