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Please send us a couple photo thru email for us to generate your unique couple design. You can choose 1 design from 7 designs, one writing and one main colour of the cake. The drawing will not be so realistic as it's all cartoonized image, and basically the major features such as hair colour, eye colour and skin colour will be changed to fit more like yourself and your partner. ( Please note in Desgin 6 Simpsons style, we will keep skin colour as it's one of the key feature of the style)


We only have one size for valentine's day special,  6'' by 3'' high and the flavour would only be vanilla. 

Due to high demand of orders, we don't provide a draft image for special offers and we cannot do other postures.  If you are a perfectionist, please order through custom orders which we can provide a draft. 


3 days notice require unless we are fully booked 


Couple drawing cake (Human)

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